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Economical and Affordable Vacation Rentals, Holiday Rentals, Short Term Rentals, Short Stays & Cheap Homestays in Kottayam & Thiruvalla. Aramghar Homes - a Short Term Rental Accomodation service provider in Kottayam and Thiruvalla in Kerala was born out of a necessity to provide temporary, ecnonomical and affordable furnished rental properties (houses, flats & villas) for short periods starting from one week, one month to three months accommodation to families and groups visiting Kottayam or Thiruvalla for vacations, medical treatement, social functions like weddings etc where they can stay comfortably together in a homely atmosphere. The primary objective was to provide an economical alternative accommodation where people can stay comfortably together in a homely atmosphere who would otherwise would have to stay in their relatives houses or in expensive hotels cramped in separate rooms.

Short Stays and Daily Rentals of Furnished Vacation Houses, Villas and Apartments in Kottayam : - We have well furnished air-conditioned and non air-conditioned homes (villas, apartments and individual houses for rent) in Kottayam and Thiruvala for a wide range of budgets and tastes. We offer a wide variety of temporary housing options depending on individual needs : - furnished villas, apartments, privately owned furnished houses, vacation properties, corporate accommodation etc. At present we have managed properties near Nagampadom, Kanjikuzhy, S.H.Mount, Chungam, Puthupally, Manarcadu, Sankranthi, Kumaranellur, Ettumanoor and Thiruvala. We only handpick properties located in either a convenient or in a unique neighborhood and manage with excellent housekeeping standards. We also arrange decent dormitory facilities at economical rates for up to 200 guests.

Housekeeping service is available if required for weekly servicing or as requested. Our furnished accommodation includes all furniture, household electrical appliances, linen, crockery, cutlery and utilities along with cooking gas for self-catering purpose. Internet Wi-Fi facility can be availed upon request in all properties at a resonable charge

We have recently introduced airport pickup & drop facilities for the convenience of our guests, which they can avail at standard market rates. With the introduction of this facility our guests can ensure that they reach their destination in time without having to worry about the location of our property as the route maps are shared with the drivers who will safely bring you to your booked property location. Rent-a-Car (with / without driver) facility has also been introduced at affordable rates for our guests who would like to visit the places of interest around Kottayam and also for their personal errands.

With the addition of more and more houses in our kitty, families can save up to 60% on accommodation when compared to hotels and serviced apartments. Why cram yourself and your loved ones into one tiny expensive hotel room, or spread them out across multiple hotel rooms? Instead, choose the space and luxury of one of our big furnished vacation homes for the same price of a small hotel room and all this with no brokers fees or commission. If you're a frequent traveler, tourist or a non-resident Indian looking for lodging deals in Kottayam or Thiruvala, look no further than Aramghar Furnished Homes. We help you to find the perfect short-term housing solution.


LOCATIONS :     Nagampadom       Kanjikuzhy       S.H.Mount       Chungam       Chingavanam       Kumaranelloor       Ettumanoor       Puthupally       Manarcadu       Sankranthi       Thiruvala     


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