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  • The house and its premises are given only for residential purposes and no business, immoral or any criminal activity should be carried out from the premises.
  • Guests cannot sub-let the property to any third party at any circumstances.
  • Guests have to maintain room cleanliness and fair use of house facilities (electricity, water, furniture, kitchen, utensils etc).
  • At the time of checking-in, the guests have to produce the originals of their ID Card (Passport, Voters ID Card, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License ) along with a copy of the same which has to be submitted to our office for record purposes.
  • If due to any unforeseen circumstances, the above said property cannot be rented or is not in a rentable condition, another property in lieu of the booked property at the nearest available location will be allocated to the guest. The guest can alternatively demand full refund of the booking amount.
  • Maximum number of guests per bedroom is limited to three (2+1) persons (the third person should be below 10 years)
  • For guests staying on monthly rentals, relatives of the guest who wish to stay in his/her room is limited only for one day per month, relatives staying for more than one day will be charged at 50% of the daily rental rate.
  • Guests staying for more than one month will have to remit 50% of 30 days rental amount at the time of booking, along with the security deposit.
  • Guests staying for less than a month will have to remit 100% of the rental amount at the time of booking along with the security deposit.
  • Extending the stay is allowed provided the house if available for booking.
  • Guests cannot alter the house or its structure, or erect any temporary structure in the premises without a written permission from our office.
  • Guests are not permitted to move out any items of the house (even temporarily) without a written permission from Aramghar exectives.
  • We are not responsible for the loss due to theft / robbery or damage of any valuables belonging to the guests. Guests are requested to keep their valuables safe including their vehicles in the property premises.
  • Cancelation of bookings, has to be done minimum one month before the check-in date. No refund will be done for cancelations less than or equal two weeks prior to the checking-in date.
  • Guests using the Internet facility of our homes, should be strictly within the cyber laws of India. The Internet facility in our homes, should not be used for criminal activities like theft, fraud, forgery, cyber terrorism, IPR violations, credit card frauds, EFT frauds, pornography, defamation and mischief or any other cyber crime, which are subject to the Indian Penal Code.
  • Visitors time is limited between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (if any extension of timing has to be informed to our office).
  • If a visitor is staying overnight with the guest in our homes, the guests has to inform our office. Visitors will be charged at 50% of the daily rental for every night of stay.
  • No Alcohol or Smoking is allowed inside the house.
  • Guests are strictly not allowed to offer alcohol, gifts or money to the security or housekeeping staff.
  • Electricity charges have to paid additionally on actual consumption basis @ Rs.7/- per unit.
  • Guests shall not create nuisance to the neighbors or to the public and shall adhere to the moral standards of the land
  • At the time of vacating the premises, if the guests have caused any damage to the premises, fixtures or fittings, or items listed in the inventory such damages shall be recovered from the security deposit and any damages which exceeds the security deposit has to be compensated by the guests before vacating the premises.
  • The guests have to inform the caretakers at the time of vacating the premises and the keys of same has to be handed over to the office without fail.
  • Guests are requested to conduct themselves appropriately at all times and to comply with terms and conditions agreed upon. Our staff has the right to dislodge any guest who violates any of the terms and conditions, without any refund.



  • The guest expressly undertakes to provide to Aramghar only correct and valid information while requesting for any services under this agreement, and not to make any misrepresentation of facts at all. Any default on part of the guest would vitiate this agreement and shall disentitle the guest from availing the services from Aramghar. In case Aramghar discovers or has reasons to believe at any time during or after receiving a request for services from the guest that the request for services is either unauthorized or the information provided by the guest or any of them is not correct or that any fact has been misrepresented by him/her, Aramghar in its sole discretion shall have the unrestricted right to take any steps against the guest, including cancellation of the bookings, etc. without any prior intimation to the guest. In such an event, Aramghar shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage that may be caused to the guest or any of them as a consequence of such cancellation of booking or services. The guest unequivocally indemnifies Aramghar of any such claim or liability and shall not hold Aramghar responsible for any loss or damage arising out of measures taken by Aramghar for safeguarding its own interest and that of its genuine customers. This would also include Aramghar denying/cancelling any bookings on account of suspected fraud transactions.
  • Only those cancellation requests, which are made by phone to our office, shall be entertained. Aramghar shall not be liable to entertain any cancellation requests made directly to the home caretaker or owner without intimating Aramghar and also through any other medium including, but not limited to, SMS or e-mail. The booking cannot be transferred to another name. Primary guest name change is not allowed and will be treated as Invalid Information from user. Aramghar charges an additional service fee of Rs 500/- for all cancellations.
  • Early Departures - Once you have checked in, the room is no longer available to rent therefore no refunds will be given.
  • Guests who fail to arrive on the check-in date at the accommodation reserved, will forfeit the complete booking amount and booking will be cancelled.
  • Modification can be made (subject to availability) by paying 10% extra of total stay however, minimum days will be counted as per initial booking made by guest.
  • Cancellation and modification of booking charges :-
            1 night charge + 25% of total billing, if booking is cancelled 25 days in advance.
            1 night charge + 35% of total billing, if booking is cancelled 15 days in advance.
            No refund will be made thereafter
  • In case of cancellation all the bank transfer fee and in case of using Paypal all the commission & fee will be paid by you. We take at least 14 working days to process refunds. Your bank may debit its own separate charges from refunds made to your credit card or bank account.